Best Churches in Nashville in 2024: Top 5 Must-See Holy Attractions!

Nashville, the musical city widely known for its hot chicken, also dominates the entire state when it comes to the majestic megachurches. Buy Tickets to the Top Attractions of Nashville.

The Nashville Churches are unique, combining faith, beautiful architecture, and a sense of peace and unity. These churches celebrate religion, music, art, and harmony all in one place.

Whether you’re a devout believer or simply an appreciator of beautiful architecture and buildings, Nashville’s churches are a must-visit for any traveler. 

Nashville Churches are for every individual who loves exploring hidden-underrated architectural gems.

Christ Church Cathedral

Nashville, Tennessee’s Christ Church Cathedral is a historically significant Episcopal church where bishops hold a significant role, oversee the clergy(church leaders) and help manage the church.

Built-in 1815, the Gothic Revival-style structure is recognized as a National Register of Historic Places and known as the oldest church in Nashville.

The Christ Church Cathedral was a crucial hub for the Union and Confederate forces during the Civil War of the 1820s.

The church hosts services with priests performing lovely music and offers guided tours, which definitely have the perfect evening vibe to enjoy with your friends and family. 

Location: 900 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203, United States. Get Directions.
Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm
Best Time: Sunday Evenings

Cross Point Church

The Cross Point Church of Nashville, as a non-denominational megachurch doesn’t believe in  strictly adhering to specific Christian beliefs, making it a beacon of welcome and inclusivity.

Known for its modern worship beliefs and dynamic outreach that welcomes individuals regardless of their race, religion, or background, the church attracts visitors from around the globe.

This cathedral in Nashville features a large auditorium with stunning big screens and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, creating an immersive worship experience.

Upon entering the Cross Point Church, the dedicated guest team greets the visitors with special gifts, ready to guide and assist.

The sense of community and hospitality at Cross Point Church is truly remarkable.

Location: 299 Cowan St, Nashville, TN 37213, United States. Get Directions.
Hours: Sunday, 9 am to 10 am, 11 am to 12 pm, and 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm
Best Time: Every Sunday

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Nashville First Baptist Church

Nashville First Baptist Church is a popular Southern Baptist church located in the middle of the city.

Nashville First Baptist Church was built in 1820 and has a beautiful design inspired by Greek architecture with red concrete and brick-pattern walls and large floral windows.

The church’s tall steeple and grand aisle make this place highly loved among art and architecture admirers.

The church is historically significant to the black community as it served as a hospital during the Civil War of 1864 and is one of the famous black churches in Nashville, TN.

Nashville First Baptist Church holds regular worship services and hosts special events and concerts annually.

Location: 108 7th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203, United States. Get Directions.
Hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm | Sunday 9 am to 12 pm
Best Time: Every Sunday for Morning Prayers

St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows

St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows, a Catholic Church established in the mid-19th century, holds great popularity and historical significance in Nashville.

It is one of the oldest churches in Nashville and has stunning Greek Revival architecture with a tall spire, stone carvings, beautiful stained glass windows, and a wealth of religious artwork.

St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows Church offers regular Mass services and special events and concerts throughout the year.

The St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows Church is the perfect religious destination for people seeking a contemporary church experience with strong community ties.

Location: 330 Rep. John Lewis Way N, Nashville, TN 37219, United States. Get Directions.
Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 11.25 am to 12.45 pm | Sunday, 8 am to 1.30 pm
Best Time:  Every Sunday and Catholic Celebrations

Belmont Church

The Belmont Church is a friendly, welcoming community that doesn’t align with practice or beliefs of a particular branch of Christianity, making it a non-denominational church.

Here, you can experience uplifting worship, enjoy great music, and engage in coffee fellowship. 

The church offers intimate house groups, promoting connections across generations, continuity, maturity, and strong support within the inclusive and diverse community.

The Belmont Church has several programs to draw those looking for direction, introduce them to Jesus’ ability to save, and enable them to serve and lead. 

The church’s lovely facilities, friendly atmosphere, and the pastor’s insightful, thought-provoking sermons are highly loved by all the visitors.

Location: 68 Music Square E, Nashville, TN 37203, United States. Get Directions.
Hours: Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 4 pm; Friday and Saturday Closed; Sunday from 9 am to 12 pm
Best Time: Every Sunday Morning

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How many churches are in Nashville?

Nashville has 193 churches, including all Catholics, Baptists, and Protestants churches, according to the recent data collected on 9 January 2024.

What is the oldest church in Nashville?

The Christ Church Cathedral, the oldest church in Nashville, is still actively used for worship services, established in 1814. 

What is the main religion in Nashville, Tennessee?

Christianity (81%) is the predominant religion in Nashville, Tennessee, with various Protestant denominations (73%) and a sizable Catholic population(3.4%).

Are there churches in Nashville that offer services in languages other than English?

Yes, some churches in Nashville may offer services in languages other than English to cater to diverse communities. 

Check with the specific churches you are interested in for language options.

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